The Hummer Returns (with an Electric Twist)

One of the biggest surprises of 2020 in the automotive world was the announcement of the fully electric GMC Hummer EV. The brand, whose original production ended in 2010, was famous for its massive size and off-road ability. Its discontinuation was a product of rising gas prices. It was one of several GM brands, alongside icons like Pontiac and Oldsmobile to be discontinued in that time, when GM was in significant financial trouble.

The Hummer H1

The Original Hummer

Few vehicles say “heavy-duty off-road performance” like the legendary military-derived Hummer H1. One of several iconic civilian vehicles with military origins, the Hummer H1 was first produced in 1992. The popularity of the H1 helped launch the Hummer brand, with the H2 and H3 models following. With each model, the Hummer got smaller and more economical, with the H2 and H3 ditching the flat, angular military design and exterior hinged doors with smoother lines, giving them a more “civilian look”. The last H2 and H3 rolled off the line in 2009 and 2010, respectively, leaving the brand dormant for a decade.

The Hummer EV

The fully electric Hummer EV differs significantly from its predecessors, although it shares traits with the previous Hummers. This time, the Hummer EV will be sold under the GMC brand. The dimensions of the Hummer EV are comparable to the H1, coming in at 216.8 inches long, 81.1 inches high, and 86.7 inches wide (without mirrors) to the H1’s 187 inches long, 77-79 inches high and 87 inches wide. As a reference, a 2021 four door Jeep Wrangler is 188.4 inches long, 73.6 inches high, and 73.8 inches wide.

A Hummer EV with the hardtop roof removed.

The style for the EV is similar to the more modern, civilian style of the H2 and H3. One of the biggest surprises of the Hummer EV, aside from its electric power, is the multitude of radical features it has, many of which are geared to help it perform off-road. One of the most talked about features is undoubtedly the optional “crab walk.” Essentially, what it does is move the vehicle diagonally; all four wheels turn in a single direction, while the Hummer EV faces forward. It also has an under-body camera, giving the driver a unique view of the road or trail. Given the electric power of the Hummer, it has a decent-sized storage area under the hood.  On the inside, it features a wide-screen infotainment center, with a fully digital gauge cluster, as well as a pitch and roll gauge.

The tailgate features a built-in step.

 Like the new Ford Bronco, the Hummer EV has a first edition version, known as “Edition 1”, which has already filled up its reservations. It has a release date of Fall 2021. GM estimates that it will do zero to 60 in 3.0 seconds, putting it well into supercar territory. As a comparison, the Tesla Model X SUV does zero to 60 in 2.6 seconds. The three other models are slated to be released from highest to lowest spec-level, with the top-of-the-line Hummer slated to arrive in Fall 2022. The different models will come with either two or three electric motors.

The new Hummer looks to be a unique blend of brute strength and modern technology. By using the Hummer name, GM is likely targeting off-road enthusiasts who have not considered an electric vehicle.  The use of an iconic name for a new electric vehicle was also utilized by Ford with their Mustang SUV. With GM’s recent commitment to only selling electric vehicles by 2035, it will be interesting to see if other iconic models are revived as electric vehicles as Hummer was. You can check out the Hummer EV on GMC’s website here:


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