Vintage Motocross at Wildcat Creek MX

I attended my first vintage motocross race at Wildcat Creek MX this August. The race is part of a vintage series called Midwest Vintage Motocross. You can read more about them on their official website here. You can check out the track’s website by following this link. Wildcat Creek MX is just west of Lafayette, Indiana. It is a 2-day event featuring both modern and vintage dirt bikes. It appeared the majority of the vintage bikes were from the ’80s, although there were a few from the ’70s as well. We arrived during practice in the morning, right before the first race of the day was to begin.
A vintage Honda during one of the races.
Going through the pits we pasted rows of trucks and trailers, with classic bikes from all over the world, such has Husqvarnas, Maicos, Yahamas, Suzukis, Hondas, Kawasakis, a Penton and a CZ. The Wildcat Creek MX track is built on a small hill, and at the bottom of the hill is a tree line that the course briefly disappears behind. It utilizes the natural terrain. The jumps are exclusively made up of forgiving tabletop jumps, which is good for the shorter suspension travel of the vintage bikes. There are several light evaluation changes, as well. The infield is accessible via a tunnel under one of the larger tabletop jumps which makes the track very accessible to spectators. It’s a somewhat lengthy course. We hung out just after the first turn. This gave us a great view of the start of the race, and several other parts of the track as well. Wildcat Creek MX even has an indoor pace to eat.
The John Penton designed, KTM powered Penton.
It was interesting to see vintage bikes on the track, along with modern ones, as multiple classes were run at the same time. In some of the races, there was more than a 30-year difference in the ages of the bikes. It seemed that almost every race we watched had a mostly full starting line. It was refreshing to hear so many 2-strokes on the track. As the motos went on a light drizzle slowly turned into a total downpour. We left around that time. I’m looking to returning to watch some more vintage motocross racing. It was cool to see so many valuable classic bikes, on the track doing what they were made to do.
A bike from the Swedish manufacturer Husqvarna.

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